PSYCHITECTURETM is a comprehensive set of Designing the Mind programs and resources for rewiring your mind and overcoming the most problematic mental health challenges. It is the culmination of decades of research on psychological self-optimization.

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What would your life be like if you didn’t have any fears, insecurities, or self-doubt holding you back? What image comes to mind when you picture a life without anxiety or depression?

Are you on an adventure in an exotic country? Are you sitting in the office of your own successful business? Are you laughing with a close friend or romantic partner? Or are you simply a better version of yourself – one who has gotten as close to your unique potential as humanly possible?

If you’re anything like the majority of people living in the world today, you likely deal with some form of mental health challenge, whether that is chronic worry, struggles with your self-esteem, or procrastination. But navigating the mental health space is complex.

Some voices tell us that mental health struggles are caused by chemical imbalances and best treated with medication. Others warn of pharmaceuticals and push us toward natural remedies. Others still argue that we all need therapy. But what if you have everything you need build a better mind?


The most effective methods therapists use with their patients are available to everyone. Clinical data makes clear that therapeutic methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and exposure therapy work better and last longer than medication, and they have no side effects whatsoever.

These methods work extremely well. The only problem with them is that they aren’t taught in school. We are left to fend for ourselves with self-help and clickbait articles, and to add insult to injury, many of the popular, self-help methods for treating mental health challenges actually make them worse.

For those who are new here, I’m Ryan A Bush, author of Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture, the forthcoming Become Who You Are, and the creator of Mindform. I spent have spent decades immersed psychological and philosophical literature, treating my own mind as a laboratory. I have read hundreds of books and scientific papers, taken other online programs, and committed myself to mastering the human mind.

Ryan A Bush

I coined the term “psychitecture” to refer to the process of designing your own psychological software. The basic idea behind this is that our psychological software is made up of complex input-output relationships, feedback loops, and chain reactions. And if we don’t understand how these mechanisms actually work, we can end up making problems worse with the best of intentions.

But up to this point, I haven’t been able to find a single resource, a single book or course, that adequately explain what our mental health challenges are, how they work, and most importantly, how they can be reengineered. Some books give hundreds of different methods and techniques that you could try and see if it makes anything better. Basically, throw everything you can at the wall and see what sticks.

Others are created by incredibly impressive PhDs and clinical psychologists with decades of experience, but who just don’t really know how to present that experience in a way that actually works for people. It’s a bit like giving someone an entire book on automotive engineering when they just want to know why their car won’t start.

I have created all the tools in Psychitecture: The Complete Collection because I wanted to create the first comprehensive solution to mental mastery, anxiety, depression, and flourishing. Though it may not be right for those with crippling disorders, who really need to see a professional one-on-one, it is ideal for anyone looking to go from managing their mind to mastering it.

It’s for the rest of us – the other 99% who wish we didn’t have worries holding us back from our potential. Who wish we were able to fully enjoy the moment that we’re in without having self-critical ruminations circling in our minds. Who wish we were truly thriving in our lives instead of simply going through the motions.

This collection contains 60 audio-visual lessons (each with an accompanying exercise), 10 book chapters, 81 introspection prompts, and 200 psychitectural quotes. It’s packed with over 200,000 words worth of content which can be consumed over the course of three months to a year.


The Flourishing Function is a 30-day audio-visual program for elevating your well-being and reversing the vicious cycle of depression. It’s the most comprehensive and cohesive program on depression and flourishing in existence, meant to help those who are currently struggling, to inoculate those who otherwise may become depressed in the future, and to take those who are thriving to new heights.


The Flourishing Function
Kat M
Kat MFlourishing Function Student
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“I’m very surprised at how much progress I’ve made so far. The lows are not so low, and when I experience them, they don’t last as long. My day to day life has become clearer and calmer. And the exercises have been so effective for someone like me who has difficulty creating space from the maladaptive thoughts and emotions.
Kyle D
Kyle DFlourishing Function Student
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“I am knee deep in the flourishing function... And I gotta say: what you've done here is brilliant! I just have so much gratitude to express to you. I don't think I fully understand how important it was that I stumbled onto your dtm book recommendation on amazon 1 year ago and reached out to you with little to no expectation of a response at all... Only to get one and be invited into this fascinating platform you've built.”


The Anxiety Algorithm is a 30-day audio-visual program for permanently rewiring your relationship with fear, stress, and worry for the better. This program is for anyone who feels that worries prevent them from fully enjoying their lives. For the first time ever, the program is being offered as a standalone, one-time purchase.

John C
John CAnxiety Algorithm Student
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I truly found this to be life changing. It has taught me lessons that I can and will use the rest of my life. I find myself going back to when you said, and I'm paraphrasing, to invite your fear to stay for coffee and hangout. The concepts of letting your fear wash over you until you get bored with it is one of the most empowering ones I've ever learned. I'm so glad to have joined this program and so look forward to future lessons.
Rebekah C
Rebekah CAnxiety Algorithm Student
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“This program has been amazing. It has and will continue to have a positive and profound effect on my life. It’s amazing how old “pesky” thought, anxieties and fears can define the quality of your life. I truly believe I will live better and happier with the lessons from this program.

I loved that the program was broken into segments allowing me to think through and analyze each process. It was done in a format that allows even the busiest of persons to tackle each day and not feel like it was too much or too big a task. I looked forward to each day!

There were so many “ah ha!” moments for me. However, lesson 20 really hit home for me. The idea of letting go of that perfect ideal of what my life should be and accepting that I don’t have ultimate control of my future was so good for me to hear. I’m always analyzing every decision, failure, mis-step; often blaming myself for “not seeing that coming” or “not paying more attention” so that I could have prevented the bad things from happening in my life.

What a freedom to be able to let go of the sovereign thought that we have complete control! I remember the exact moment on my walk (while listening) and said, “heck yes! This is amazing!” I’m so tired of being so hard on myself all of the time.

One passage hit home for me: ” Resistance is what causes unnecessary suffering. If you can’t change what you’re going through, why not embrace it? Why not love it? Why not laugh at it?” Embracing the humor and not taking myself so seriously all of the time has been truly life-changing for me.

The ability to have the tools to face anxiety “head on” and to allow myself to feel the complete process rather than “put it away and redirect” has been a game-changer. I can’t wait to continue this journey!”


DTM is now available as a custom-designed web reader. This enables total design freedom, useful interactivity, and quick updates. This book is a living, breathing document that will continue to take shape over time, complete with a techy aesthetic, full-color illustrations, and even a built-in soundtrack playlist. This pass also includes all eBook formats.

J.A. Clayton
J.A. ClaytonDesigning the Mind Reader
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Beautiful work. I would like to say first that I did not read this book, this book read me very well. Not only did it read me it sharpened my understanding of my philosophical basis right down to breaking down Aristotle and Nietzsche to a few understandable and realistic principles that are realistic and understandably workable to anyone who reads them, and if understand as well as practice the principles, that makes it a whole other level of reality.

So, I can only give this humbly ideal advice about the book: If you are a beginner, read the book and practice the ideas for a few months and see if your life does not improve (I have been doing this in some genuine form since I was about three or four years old in a disciplined way reading, honing and understanding my reality and doing what I need to do growth-wise).

If you are intermediate or advanced, see if this work does not harmonize fully with your understanding (it does for me).

Indeed, the mind is the most malleable, and growth worthy things if used and understood properly. Yet, when you use your mind properly, the only limit on reality is the structure of reality and its function as there are not any pedagogical or teaching infinities and mastery is always possible to those that genuinely want it and want to put in the effort to get it ultimately.

So, deeply, I recommend this work to anyone beginning, intermediate or advanced in the art of designing the mind or creating their own genuine mastery. Sure, I compare this to the works of G.I Gurdjieff, especially the second book: "Meetings With Remarkable Men" in scope. But it just gives good material like "Meetings With Remarkable Men", not digests it for you like "Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson" (Gurdjieff's first books) which uses obscure, "strange" and unusual terms to break up the continuum of boredom consciousness or "sleep" and fully awaken the mind before giving material that excites the mind.

Anyhow, this is a great work and I genuinely recommend it to all.
Kim F
Kim FDesigning the Mind Reader
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I don't know where to begin to explain to you the impact that your book has had on my life and those of my close friends and family. Our book club consists of eight people from four states; ranging in age from 24 to 54. Your book was thoroughly enjoyed by us all and had a huge impact on our lives! Our conversations have been so meaningful, and we have been inspired by your genius writings, insight, reflections, and quotations.

It is liberating to believe that our thought processes can actually be changed, and that we can control our emotions through our thought processes. Several members of our club have recently started mindfulness meditation and some have been practicing it for several years. Your book coincides nicely with meditation. Some things I especially find helpful are the top ten faulty algorithms and how to purposely work through these and change thought process. I have personally applied this exercise to negative emotion and identified my thought distortions. The negativity was immediately resolved! We especially loved chapter 8. We had good discussions around easily settling for comfort vs the satisfaction of growth, stepping outside our comfort zones, and facing our fears. This chapter was super motivating. We also loved the discussion around our environments and being careful to choose who and what we want to be a part of our lives.

I could go on and on... I also received the electronic copy of The Book of Self Mastery. I absolutely love so many of the quotes in this collection. Thank you for that. I want to read Designing the Mind again. I have highlighted so much of the content, and it has left a lasting impression on my life as well as my loved ones. I feel fortunate that my young adult children have discovered your work early in their lives as I know it will help guide them throughout the rest of their lives. I appreciate your insight, talent, research, and knowledge. You have definitely touched our lives in a positive way. Thank you again.


Mindsight is the world’s first deck of introspection cards. Inside the beautiful, digital card file are eighty-one prompts designed to illuminate, challenge, and integrate your inner world. If you want to build a better relationship with the most important person in your life (yourself), Mindsight is the guide you need.


The Book of Self Mastery is a thoughtfully curated and commentated selection of passages from the wisest thinkers in history on the discipline of mastering yourself.  The great philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual teachers have all argued that happiness is found, not in building the perfect life, but in fortifying and mastering the vehicle through which we traverse it.

The Book of Self Mastery
Kat M
Kat MAnxiety Algorithm and Flourishing Function Student
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"This program was radically transformative for me regarding work-related anxiety. I knew exactly what I wanted to change, and posting my progress on each lesson helped me stay accountable. The lessons were challenging but not so intimidating to avoid completely. I loved how I could either read or listen to each lesson. The audio version made it feel like a conversation or like an encouraging friend guiding you along the way.

I am still doing most of the lessons intuitively and with a lot less effort/willpower. Some exercises I use often: fear exposure, reframing anxiety and dread as excitement and purpose, amplifying panic symptoms, negative visualization, managing full stress capacity by using elimination, and reciting phrases like, “this is nothing more than automatic brain activity/automatic sensations”.

I still feel sensations of anxiety, fear, panic, and worry, but it’s at such a small scale compared to how intense it used to be. Also, the feelings of guilt and shame and most of the procrastination tactics I used to experience have drastically reduced merely as a result of the progress I made in the program.

Fear Assessment: Before: 2.8/4; After: 1.2/4
Panic Assessment: Before: 3.3/4; After: 0.4/4
Worry Assessment: Before: 3.6/4; After: 0.8/4
Anxiety Behavior Assessment: Before: 2.4/4; After: 0.6/4

Overall, this program was simply fantastic, highly effective, and exactly what I’ve been needing to tackle my work-related anxiety."

This collection is about systematically eliminating unhealthy moods from your emotional vocabulary. It’s about terminating the vicious self-perpetuating cycles of worry and rumination, and freeing up your mental bandwidth to think, take action, and fully enjoy your life.

If you feel like your fears hold you back from your potential… if you worry that low self-esteem may be holding back your relationships… if you simply can’t enjoy a perfectly enjoyable experience every time you’re in one because you’ve got negative thoughts running in the back of your mind… and if you feel like you’re fundamentally not the person you want to be, please let me help you overcome your challenges and seek your full potential.

I am extremely proud to offer this complete collection and share the result of years of committed research and work. It is packed with the most advanced and effective mental health tools in existence. Together, these resources will serve as a powerful catalyst for growth toward your ideal self. I cannot wait to see what it is going to do for your life. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you inside.

$1,050 $797


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