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End your struggles with anxiety in 60 days, or pay nothing.

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How many hours, opportunities, and memories has anxiety cost you? How many will it cost you in the future?

How much would it be worth to you if you could eliminate panic, stress, and anxiety from your life for good?



Complete the self-paced, audio-visual program to fix your relationship with fear, stress, and worry, and get back to loving your life in the moment.

One-Time Offer Price: $500 $349


Systems designer and bestselling author Ryan A Bush synthesizes the best clinical data on anxiety into a comprehensive and actionable process.

Integrating the insights of:

Martin N. Seif, PhD

Founder of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and author of What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Anxiety Disorders

Judith S. Beck, PhD

CBT pioneer, author of Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond, and President of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

David A. Carbonell, PhD

Clinical Psychologist specializing in anxiety treatment and author of The Worry Trick and the Panic Attacks Workbook


Four modules containing 30 lessons walk you through exact steps to systematically dismantle fear, panic, worry, and anxious behaviors. Each lesson has one exercise to be completed in the comments.

If you're like most psychitects and DTM readers, you pride yourself on self-mastery. You want to learn the skills needed to optimize your mind and emotions, without being reliant on a therapist or medication for the rest of your life. After you've taken The Anxiety Algorithm, you will have those skills for the rest of your life.

Most people tell you to soothe, calm, and manage your anxiety. But this makes you feel more anxious in the long run. There is more than enough data to suggest that anxiety can be permanently eliminated. We understand how crippling anxiety can feel. That’s why we’ve consulted countless experts, papers, and clinical handbooks to bring the best of anxiety therapy to you.

How it works:

1. Sign up for the program and check your email for the access link.

2. Commit to go on a long walk and take one lesson each day

3. Complete all exercises, and watch your anxiety diminish naturally

This program is for anyone who feels that worries prevent them from fully enjoying their lives. Who thinks stress and overwhelm get in the way of their relationships or passions. Who has irrational fears or panic attacks holding them back from their potential. Or who feels they have lost sight of their old carefree self and wants to revive their zest for life.

Of course, completing these lessons will take work and commitment. And if you aren't getting scared at all through the process, you aren't doing it right. But we promise you can do it, and if you aspire to self-mastery and self-actualization, you must. Join The Anxiety Algorithm now so you can stop letting anxiety rule your life and start living your life to the fullest.


Can an online program really treat anxiety?

The data is clear: The principles taught in therapy are significantly more effective for treating anxiety than any medication in existence. And those principles are exactly what you’ll be taught here.

You’ll learn everything from interoceptive exposure to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to mindfulness-based behavior change in this program, and you can apply it yourself.

What if I can't afford it?

We don’t ever want money to be the reason you can’t access these resources.

So first, decide if you actually can’t afford it. It’s more likely that you’re undervaluing your mental health, and should consider the real, long-term benefits of eliminating your anxiety. If you’re currently paying for a streaming service, you can afford this. Remember, there is a 60-day 100% refund period, so you only pay if it works.

If you truly can’t afford the program, send an email to and we’ll grant you free access.

Will it work for my specific type of anxiety?

You would probably be surprised by how common your personal form of anxiety actually is. We get messages every week from people sharing the exact same struggles while believing they are alone.

This program covers everything from fear of bridges to health anxiety to job interview panic to social anxiety. More importantly, it teaches you the underlying principles that will allow you to apply it to any form of worry or fear.

What if my anxiety/depression is severe?

If you are struggling with crippling mental illness or are contemplating suicide, please don’t take this program yet. You require 1-on-1 attention and oversight that an online program cannot provide.

Instead, go here and book an appointment with a therapist near you.

What if I don't have an anxiety disorder?

Most people haven’t actually been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. But evidence suggests more than 90% of people are held back by some form of anxiety, whether it’s fear of failure, low-level background anxiety, chronic worry, or even stress-based procrastination.

If you are among the <10% who don’t struggle with any anxiety, congratulations! You probably won’t need this program unless you want to help someone close to you through their anxiety.

How can I be certain this program is trustworthy?

You can’t! A core message of this program is that we must embrace the limits of certainty, safety, and sovereignty. You can’t be certain that you won’t lose your job, that you don’t have cancer, or that your significant other isn’t cheating on you. And you can’t be certain this program will work.

We can give you our word that you’ll get a full refund if you complete all the exercises in the comments and are still struggling with anxiety. But ultimately, you’ll have to take a leap into the unknown!


What would your life be like if you didn't have any worries or anxieties holding you back? What image comes to mind when you picture a life without fear?

Are you on an adventure in an exotic country? Are you sitting in the office of your own successful business? Are you laughing with a close friend or romantic partner? Or are you simply a better version of yourself - one who has gotten as close to your unique potential as humanly possible?

If you’re anything like the majority of people living in the world today, you likely deal with some form of anxiety, fear, or worry on a regular basis. Anxiety disorders are the #1 most common form of mental illness in the world. And they’re also the most treatable.

But unless your anxiety is severe enough to have led you to seek out therapy, you probably aren’t getting access to the best tools and the most effective methods for actually getting rid of these issues. You’ve been left to fend for yourself with self-help and clickbait articles, and to prescribe yourself anything from meditation to medication.

But would you believe me if I told you that the methods you’ve tried for getting rid of your anxiety are actually making it worse? I know this may sound like a cruel joke, but the keys to actually eliminating anxiety are often the exact opposite of the things that make you feel better in the moment.

For those who are new here, I’m Ryan A Bush, author of Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture, and the creator of Mindform. I spent just about the entire year of 2021 immersed in the world of anxiety. I have read hundreds of books and scientific papers, taken other online programs, and committed myself to mastering what I call “the anxiety algorithm.”

Now the basic idea behind this is that our psychological software is made up of complex input-output relationships, feedback loops, and chain reactions. And if we don’t understand how these mechanisms actually work, we can end up making problems worse with the best of intentions.

But up to this point, I haven’t been able to find a single resource, a single book or course, that adequately answers the question of what anxiety is, how it works, and most importantly, how it can be reengineered. Some books gave hundreds of different methods and techniques that you could try and see if it makes anything better. Basically, throw everything you can at the wall and see what sticks.

Others were created by incredibly impressive PhDs and clinical psychologists with decades of experience, but who just don’t really know how to present that experience in a way that actually works for people. It’s a bit like giving someone an entire book on automotive engineering when they just want to know why their car won’t start.

Lastly, there were some resources that really did do a great job of breaking down a certain type of anxiety, like panic disorder, for example. And it gave all the right solutions that worked, but it only applied to that one type of disorder, despite often marketing itself as a comprehensive solution all anxiety.

I built the Anxiety Algorithm program because I wanted to create the first comprehensive solution to anxiety - not necessarily for the people with crippling anxiety, the ones who really need to see a professional one-on-one, but for the rest of us. For the other 99% who wish we didn’t have worries holding us back from our potential. Who wish we were able to fully enjoy the moment that we’re in without having worries pop up in our head and distract us.

This program is made up of 30 audio-visual lessons, with 30 different exercises, meant to be completed over 30 days. It’s packed with over 60,000 words worth of content, and it’s broken up into four different modules: one on fears and phobias, one on panic, another on worry, and one on the problematic behaviors that are often caused by our anxieties.

I have learned everything there is to know about anxiety. I have figured this algorithm out. And when you figure it out, you’re going to feel like you’ve unlocked a superpower. You’re going to wonder why you spent so many years just dealing with anxiety instead of learning the cheat codes that you need to reverse it.

I don’t just want to help you get a little better at managing your anxiety. This program is about going from managing to mastery. It’s about systematically eliminating unhealthy anxiety from your emotional vocabulary. It’s about terminating the vicious self-perpetuating cycles of worry and stress, and freeing up your mental bandwidth to think, take action, and fully enjoy your life.

The heart of this program really is found in the idea that while breathing exercises and guided meditations may make you feel good in the moment, they actually represent micro-avoidances that serve to perpetuate your anxiety and keep it in place in the long term.

In order to truly overcome anxiety, we have to activate it, and then we have to learn to embrace it and ride the wave instead of trying to escape it in a million different ways.

I know this may sound simple, but there are, again, hours of complexity to dive into here. It is all deeply counterintuitive, and that’s why you won’t find it in most of the articles and books that you read on anxiety.

If you feel like your fears hold you back from your potential... if you worry that your overworking and stress may be holding back your relationships... if you simply can’t enjoy a perfectly enjoyable experience every time you’re in one because you’ve got these worries running in the back of your mind... and if you feel like you’re fundamentally not the person you want to be, please let me help you overcome your anxiety.

I cannot wait to see what the Anxiety Algorithm program is going to do for your life. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you inside.


Kat was overworked and overwhelmed.

She was working an unfulfilling and draining job that wasn't utilizing her strengths well. The intense expectations being placed on her were throwing her into a panic on a regular basis.

Promotion cycles at her job inevitably brought a storm of worry that she wasn't competent enough for her job, that she'd fail her review program, or that she would drop one of the many balls she was juggling in her life.

“The workload increases for each promotion - I’m worried that I just can’t keep up and that I’ll fail.”

- Kat

When Kat joined the program, she was asked to rate her anxiety in various forms on a scale from 1-4. Here were her initial ratings:

Fear Assessment: 2.8/4
Panic Assessment: 3.3/4
Worry Assessment: 3.6/4
Anxiety Behaviors Assessment: 2.4/4

Yikes - her feelings of anxiety and worry were almost completely maxed out. She knew she needed a solution.

The way the program is set up gives us a rare opportunity to follow along her journey from alarming anxiety to unfazed tranquility.

Kat was kind enough to let me share her story, and I think you're going to be amazed by her progress. Come along and see how her anxiety shifted as she went through The Anxiety Algorithm.

Day 1

"I hereby commit to completing the full Anxiety Algorithm program to the best of my ability.

Specific objectives:


  • Take every lesson, one per day, at a consistent time. If this isn’t possible for any reason, resume the following day.
  • Complete each exercise, on the same day as the corresponding lesson. Post each exercise in the comments to add accountability.
  • Post in the group when stuck, and share ideas, experiences, and questions. Respond to others with any insights or shared experience.
  • Make this program a priority, and do not allow other responsibilities to crowd it out. Make the decision to fully transform and eliminate unhealthy fear, anxiety, worry, and stress, not merely learn about it or plan to deal with it later."

Day 2

"I’ve got a nice little narrative going on repeat on the daily telling me I’m incompetent, a failure, lazy, not deserving, etc. It’s been like this for years. I know none of these things are true, but they’ve been on a loop for so long it feels like it’ll never go away. It seeps into my personal life and some days it makes me feel miserable. I also don’t want this anxiety preventing me from enjoying my time with my fam, especially my baby boy."

Day 5

"The sensation of tingles on my skin was the strongest, and glancing at the clock on the monitor made me the most tense. After going through the defusion exercise, it began to dissipate. Did this a couple more times - sometimes the sensation would last a bit longer, but I felt more in control and steady. This exercise gave me a new understanding that I have created a constant illusion of limited time left in my work day that not only frightens me but discourages me to the point of avoiding the task completely."

Day 11

"The first sensation of anxiety I experience doesn’t occur during my work day, but in the morning... it jumps me while I’m in the kitchen just trying to make some breakfast.

I’m also beginning to notice how the arousal and appraisal happen so quickly together, to the point that I feel compelled to act (delay, avoid, distract myself from what I need to do). Observing in this way during the exercises was very enlightening, and I think I’m building a bit of resilience.

Lastly, I’m noticing that there is somewhat of a predictable pattern to each of my anxiety algorithms: some repeat or increase in intensity/frequency as the biweek progresses and some happen around the same time of the day. I’m hoping this will help me continue catching “in the moment” anxiety.

I look forward to uncovering more and continuing the exercises. It’s starting to get kinda fun! 😜"

Day 13

"The interoceptive exposure has been tremendously helpful, even after just a couple of days. Yesterday, during an exposure exercise, I actually said out loud to myself, “Okay, come on now, let’s see what you’ve got!” And after a few burpees to increase my heart rate, I swear I got hit with a wave of buzzing sensations in my arms, hands, chest, and even my face, and then I had this freaky knot churning in my stomach… I have never in my life had these kind of intense sensations before (it wasn’t from the burpees 😂). But after about a full minute, it went completely away. I thought to myself, was that really it? I went through the process again, and it was much milder. It was so wild to experience that!

Currently wrapping up the biweek, but I was able to tolerate the fear and anxiety through all of my tasks in lessons 7 and 12. My workflow has been steady, less stressful, and I’ve been able to apply these exercises into my personal daily life as well when I’m interacting with my family members in my home. I’m determined to keep this up - I hope I can! I’m excited for the next module!"

Day 16

"Replaying my worries as a made-up language has been making the worries hilarious and less threatening. After I embrace each worry thought, I no longer feel the need to problem-solve. It’s as though my brain just stops and doesn’t know what to do. And then after it’s gone, I just keep going about my day. Such a weird and cool experience - I’m actually looking forward to catching these smaller worries!"

Day 17

"I really enjoyed this exercise. I’ve never let my worries go so far, and I never considered all of the possibilities, especially in such a nonchalant way. I realized that my job can contain many variables that are just out of my control, including working from home with a toddler. My worries want a clear exact plan, and that’s just not realistic. I can have a plan, be adaptable when necessary, and continue about my day despite my worries. My big worries have simmered down a bit, but I’d like to make more progress."

Day 19

"I never thought I would practice an exercise like this, but after doing so for quite a few times over the long weekend, I began to feel more serene and grateful in various areas of my life. I’m gladly surprised to see that I’m slowly becoming desensitized to my worries, so I will continue this exercise."

Day 22

"Usually when unexpected things happen during this time, I’m frantic, self-critical, and a worrying mess (i.e., before the Anxiety Algorithm). After keeping my awareness up with the exercises in the last few lessons, especially The View from Above, I’m much more mellow and almost indifferent to whatever change is happening at that moment. I’m also finding that my worries aren’t as powerful, loud, or automatically controlling of my every action/reaction. Because of this, I’ve been able to adapt plans efficiently and make steady progress, without the unnecessary noise, and without wasting brain power... I wasn’t ruminating on all of those pointless self-conscious thoughts that usually show up."

Day 26

"In the past, I would notice these sensations but would quickly try to distract myself even further to avoid or suppress the feeling, hence the heavy self-criticism appearing shortly after. I didn’t have any self-criticism this time around.

I was so scared to try this exercise, but I’m very happy I did. That magnetic pull to engage in an avoidance behavior is getting weaker."

Day 27

"I’ve had a few personal and work-related challenges occur this past month. However, I’ve been applying most of the exercises since then (especially this one), and I’ve been able to complete my biweekly work more smoothly and with less stress and worry. Not using willpower and yet still shifting my desire to work has been massively helpful, especially in minimizing self-criticism. This week is the last week of the quarter, so it’s a perfect time to continue the Anxiety Algorithm!"

Day 28

"Elimination has really given me great results, so if I can continue this elimination tactic, this new way I’ll be examining will be a lot less stressful!

My work stress and anxiety have reduced tremendously since I started this program.

Still working on maintaining efficiency and not overworking, but my anxiety level is almost non-existent. I never thought I would achieve this kind of progress. Very grateful and relieved!"

Day 29

"I’ve had tremendous progress minimizing work stress using the modules. My worry, anxiety, and panic are now so mild compared to when I started. Some of the algorithms have really stuck, so sometimes when I barely think of the corrected algorithm, the worry, anxiety, and panic dissipate so quickly. I also require less willpower to work and don’t feel shame or guilt if I want to just chill out for a minute."

Day 30

"This program was radically transformative for me regarding work-related anxiety. I knew exactly what I wanted to change, and posting my progress on each lesson helped me stay accountable. The lessons were challenging but not so intimidating to avoid completely.

I loved how I could either read or listen to each lesson. The audio version made it feel like a conversation or like an encouraging friend guiding you along the way.

I am still doing most of the lessons intuitively and with a lot less effort/willpower. Some exercises I use often: fear exposure, reframing anxiety and dread as excitement and purpose, amplifying panic symptoms, negative visualization, managing full stress capacity by using elimination, and reciting phrases like, “this is nothing more than automatic brain activity/automatic sensations”.

I still feel sensations of anxiety, fear, panic, and worry, but it’s at such a small scale compared to how intense it used to be. Also, the feelings of guilt and shame and most of the procrastination tactics I used to experience have drastically reduced merely as a result of the progress I made in the program.

Fear Assessment: Before: 2.8/4; After: 1.2/4

Panic Assessment: Before: 3.3/4; After: 0.4/4

Worry Assessment: Before: 3.6/4; After: 0.8/4

Anxiety Behavior Assessment: Before: 2.4/4; After: 0.6/4

Overall, this program was simply fantastic, highly effective, and exactly what I’ve been needing to tackle my work-related anxiety."


As always, I don’t want money to be the reason you can’t get a program that could change your life. If you truly can’t afford the program, even at this lower price, send me an email at, and I’ll make sure you get access to the program for free.

Those who are able to afford the program help to support DTM’s endeavors to make the best mental health tools available to everyone. Thank you for investing in yourself and others.

Normal Price: $499
Offer Price: $349
(Single Payment)